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A modern day wizard of electronic and acoustic keyboards, most notably the organ and synthesizer, Ace C. Ace sets a standard by which others multiply. He is known for his fusion of rock with a myriad of musical styles including pop, latin, jazz and world music. With numerous writing and performance partners including legendary music producer Kim Fowley and rock guitar impressario Mike Pinera, Ace has written and recorded some of todays' most adventurous music and brought it to the masses with unmatched virtuosity and skillful showmanship.

Some of his early influences were artists Dave Brubeck, Fats Waller, Chick Corea, Keith Emerson, Tito Puente and George Duke. Classical composers also became influential to his music including J.S. Bach, Alberto Ginastera and Aaron Copland.

Not seeing the benefits of a traditional college education in his future, Ace attended the College for Recording Arts in San Francisco. There he studied recording engineering from audio engineering pioneer Leo de Gar Kulka. He develops his unique synthesizer textures from studying with synthesizer pioneer Morton Sobotnick.

In his twenties, he formed his first band called "The Forcefield 5". This powerhouse included legendary latin rock bassist Dave Brown from Santana and percussionist M.L. Benoit from Kim Carnes. The group struck out on it's own with a unique blend of synthesis, dance and world rhythms, pop, rock and jazz. Ace adopted Moog Synthesizers as his instrument of choice featuring the Moog Liberation (a guitar looking strap on keyboard) during this period and soon gained fame for his outrageous stage movements and inspired musical performances. 

Overflowing with creative musical ideas Ace has not only performed with Bay Area greats such as Pete Escovedo, he is also an avid motorcycle rider and has written, produced and performed music for motorcycle companies Ducati, Harley Davidson, Buell and Custom Chrome.

In addition to a musical career Ace has had an academic one as well at Cogswell Polytechnical College, the oldest engineering college in California. There he formed curricullum and taught in the areas of sound, synthesis and psychoaoustics as well as music for film and broadcast.

When Ace doesn't do music, he loves riding his bikes on the road or at the track, sharing life and food with his family and friends.

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